HTTP Requests Latency

This metric can be used to track the latencies associated with HTTP requests.

Metric Name(s)

  • kyverno_http_requests_duration_seconds_count
  • kyverno_http_requests_duration_seconds_sum
  • kyverno_http_requests_duration_seconds_bucket

Metric Value

Histogram - A float value representing the latency of the HTTP request processing in seconds.

See Prometheus docs for a detailed explanation of how histograms work.

Metric Labels

LabelAllowed ValuesDescription
http_methodGET, POST, etc.HTTP method
http_urlURL of the request

Use cases

  • The cluster admin wants to know how fast/slow http requests are processed for a given http method.

Useful Queries

  • Average http requests latency per http url and method:
    avg by (http_url, http_method) (kyverno_http_requests_duration_seconds_sum / kyverno_http_requests_duration_seconds_count)
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